Boneshaker Bicycles now offers bicycle rentals on the Silver Comet Trail


Hybrid Rentals are $10.00 per hour

Road Bike Rentals are $15.00 per hour

Tandem Rentals are $15.00 per hour

*special rates apply for longer rides*


Now you can enjoy a fun filled day exploring the Silver Comet Trail with a minimum investment.


Renting a bicycle for a few hours or for a few days is now hassle free and it's a great way to test drive a new purchase.  "Try it before you buy it." All we require is a copy of your ID and either a credit card or a $50.00 cash deposit.

If you're looking for a new experience,  come on in and try the 3G Hammer, a revolutionary new pedal less bicycle. Kinda like being on a stair stepper...but not!!!  It's crazy fun and a great work out.

Our rental fleet mostly includes Hybrids Bikes that are perfect for everyday riding and especially for the Silver Comet Trail.

We also have a selection of road bicycles that can be rented.

We have a tandem that is a great way to ride together, while you stay together. It is very popular with couples.

As a family oriented business, we understand how important it is to spend time with the younger, smaller members of your family. We rent child carrier trailers because know how expensive it can be to buy one. We have plenty of bicycles capable of attaching a trailer to said bicycle.

Our rental fleet includes bicycles of all sizes, including smaller, children's bikes. A family that rides together, stays fit together!