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Come in and see our new location at 3401 Florence Circle, Suite 300, Powder Springs, GA 30127and let us provide you with all your bicycling needs.   Conveniently located near the Silver Comet Trail, Wildhorse Creek BMX Park, and several mountain bike trails. 


At Boneshaker Bicycles, we specialize in bicycle sales, service  repairs, and rentals of the most popular brands of bicycles.  We also repair many types of wheelchairs, skateboards and pretty much anything with wheels!   Boneshaker Bicycles has been in business since 1998. It is  owned and operated by Hamlet Harris, Jr.


Boneshaker Bicycles In Powder Springs

Hamlet is well known and respected in the bicycle industry. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, he lives in the Paulding area since 1991.  He is a former road and mountain bike racer and has worked in the bicycle business since he was a young man in 1972 and has been with Boneshaker Bicycles since 2003, managing the store and doing sales and repairs.

Hamlet is an expert at repairing and building bicycles. He is also an expert at guiding and advising the customer on the equipment best suited for their needs. He prides himself in being detail oriented and efficient in everything he does. He runs the shop with the help of his family.

Michael loves BMX racing and football. He is an essential member of our team with his bicycle repair skills. He began working on bicycles at a very early age, lacing his own BMX race wheels before he was 7. His favorite bikes are the Fit and S & M. He recently built his new custom S & M Speedwagon for BMX racing. He loves playing football, riding his BMX bicycle, and playing video games. He is currently enrolled at Alexander High School and works with us at every possible opportunity.

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